Identity Theft

In today's world, there are a number of ways you identity can be stolen:

You must be vigilant in protecting your personal information. Take this quiz to see how secure your personal information is: (Hint: Your answers should all be No)

  1. Do you keep your Social Security card or any other form of ID that contains your Social Security Number or the Social Security Number of any family member in your wallet or purse?

  2. Is your Social Security Number or your driver's license number printed on your personal checks or any professional, vocational or hobby license?

  3. Do you provide your Social Security Number, when requested, regardless of how it will be used and protected?

  4. Have you provided your Social Security Number in a public place without realizing that someone might overhear you?

  5. Have you ever given out personal (non-public) information over the phone as part of a survey?

  6. Do you ever share your Password or Personal Identification Number (PIN) with anyone?

  7. Do you use public computers (e.g., internet café, internet kiosk, etc.) to access confidential information?

  8. Do you enter private information on an unsecure website?

  9. Do you open e-mail attachments or links without checking to see who they are from?

  10. Do you leave your account logged in after you finish using secure online sessions (those that require a password and log-in)?

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