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Global General Education

updated 11/18/16


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What is Global General Education?
Global General Education, one of the three primary goals of the Global Citizens Project, provides students with an introduction to global competencies through the FKL Core Curriculum. The objective is to ensure that all undergraduates (FTIC and Transfer) have the opportunity to develop global competencies. This will be accomplished by infusing the learning outcomes of the Global Citizens Project into key areas of general education.

Please note that general education courses cannot be used by students toward the Global Citizen Awards requirements.

FKL General Education courses in certain core areas must be recertified for the FKL Core Curriculum following Global FKL criteria. General education courses in the core areas of Social and Behavioral Sciences (CASB), Humanities (CAHU), and Fine Arts (CAFA) must address either the Human and Cultural Diversity (HCD) dimension or the Global Context (GLC) dimension. General education courses in the core area of Human and Cultural Diversity in a Global Context (CAGC) must address both the HCD and the GLC dimensions. These dimensions directly address the GCP learning outcomes. Departments will be asked to incorporate these dimensions into their general education courses as part of the FKL recertification process.

The General Education Council will review these recertification proposals. Departments will be notified via email the semester before a general education course is due for recertification. The email notification will include a link to the recertification website and a Word document version of the GCP recertification proposal section. (We are working to incorporate the GCP proposal section into the online recertification form.)