Diasporas and Health Disparities


The Graduate Certificate in Diasporas and Health Disparities is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with knowledge about the relationship between health and cultural diversity among diasporic peoples, those who have been displaced historically or contemporarily because of political, economic, or social upheavals or natural disasters.

Emphasis will be placed on the African Diaspora. Primary areas of study are diasporas and health, global public health, and cultural aspects of health and illness. The program will benefit students and practitioners in allied health professions and social and behavioral sciences. This is an 18-credit-hour certificate including a 3-credit-hour internship. Students with experience in the field can substitute a 3-credit elective for the internship.

Course location/delivery

This certificate is offered at the Tampa campus and partially online.

Admission requirements

Applicants for the certificate should have:

Application process

To learn about the application process, and to access the application, please review our application process.


None are required.


18 credit hours. There are 12 hours of core courses, 3 hours of an elective, plus a 3-hour internship. Students can substitute an additional 3-hour elective course for the internship if they have worked in the field.

AFA 6930 - Global Challenge of Diversity (3)
PHC 6764 - Global Health Principles and contemporary Issues (3)
PHC 6000 - Epidemiology (3)
AFA 6932 - Health in the African Diaspora (3)
AFA 6945 - Supervised Internship (3)


There are 3 hours of elective coursework required from the list below:

AFA 6108 - Social Construction of Race and Racism (3)
PHC 6110 - International Health and Health Care Systems (3)
PHC 6430 - Economics of Health (3)
PHC 6441 - Social Determinants of health (3)
PHC 6230 - Foundations of Humanitarian Assistance (3)
GEY 6934 - Minority Aging (3)
MHS 6900 - Cultural Competence and Children's Mental Health (3)

Time Limit for Completion of Certificate

Per University Policy, all Certificates have a five year time limit. Please contact department for approximate completion time.

Credit toward graduate degree

Up to 12 hours of certificate course credits may be applied to a graduate degree with departmental approval

Standardized tests

International students must submit a TOEFL score when English is not the native language. A minimum score of 550 on the paper-based test or 79 on the web-based test is required.


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