Diversity in Education


The Certificate addresses diverse issues in education by social class, race/ethnicity/culture, gender, and exceptionality. Additionally, the courses define policy and practice problems associated with education and health/welfare in an increasingly pluralistic society.

Course location/delivery

Certificate is offered at the Tampa campus.

Application process

To learn about the application process, and to access the application, please review our application process.


A total of 12 credit hours are required There are (7) eight hours of required coursework:

EDF 6883 Issues in Multicultural Education (4 credits)
EDF 6705 Gender & the Educational Process (3 credits)


Select two courses, at least five (5) hours, from the following list:

EEC 6415 Diversity in Home/School (3 credits)
LAE 6316 Trends in Literature in a Diverse Society (3 credits) (may be listed as RED6656)
FLE 6167 Cross Cultural Issues in Teaching ESOL (3 credits)
EGI 5051 Nature and Needs of the Gifted (3 credits)
MHS 6420 Multicultural Counseling with Diverse Populations (3 credits)*
SDS 6701 Issues in Diversity (2 credits)*
EMR 6052 Advanced Theory & Practice of Intellectual Disabilities (3 credits)*
*These courses have prerequisites and may not be available to all students.


Barbara Shircliffe

Deirdre Cobb-Roberts

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