National and Competitive Intelligence


The Certificate Program in National and Competitive Intelligence is designed to promote student's analytical capabilities, not only improving their competitiveness in the employment process, but also giving them solid intellectual foundations for demanding professional careers. The program specifically helps prepare students for careers in government, especially intelligence positions, as well as analytical executive positions in the banking, insurance, and the pharmaceutical industries. The flexible program includes workshops and seminars which each student can fit with his or her major course of study. Those who complete the Certificate Program should be able to effectively gather, analyze, and evaluate information and present conclusions both orally and in writing.

Course Location/Delivery

The Certificate is offered at the Tampa campus.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Application Process

To learn about the application process, and to access the application, please review our application process.


None are required.


12 - 15 credit hours total for the certificate. There are 6 credit hours of required International Relation Courses


Select one Technical Communication Course:

Select one critical thinking/analytical course in student's field of study. (3)

Students must participate in workshops and a summer seminar or complete a three (3) semester hour course approved by the Director.

Credit toward Graduate Degree

Up to 12 hours of certificate course credits may be applied to a graduate degree with departmental approval.

Standardized Tests

Students must pass a language proficiency test to be considered for the certificate.


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