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IT - Ransomware Notice

USF IT is aware of a new ransomware outbreak called Petya, affecting organizations world-wide. This is similar but not identical to the ransomware that damaged many systems earlier this year. As we tighten our defenses at USF, a couple of friendly reminders to protect yourself:

1. Avoid clicking on web links in email messages
2. Ask the person who sent you an email if they sent you a link or attachment
3. Always allow your machine to update patches when prompted
4. Keep Antivirus updates on your machine current.
5. Backup your data. (or put it on official USF Storage or cloud space)

A link from TrendMicro, USF's antimalware solution, about phishing:

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the IT Service Desk: 813-974-1222 or