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Submit a Technology Fee Proposal

Background for the Technology Fee and information on how funding will be allocated to projects and how projects will be submitted, evaluated, prioritized, and managed can be found in the Guiding Principles page.

Proposal Process

The Technology Fee Project Proposal Process provides a framework for the submission of proposals, the process of evaluation, and the procedures for award and management of the projects. 

The annual deadline for the submission of project proposals is March 6.  This deadline is established in order to provide time for the work needed for proper analysis, review, recommendations by advisory bodies, and assessment.

Submit Your Proposal

Proposals can originate from any source: individuals, groups, and formal and informal bodies.  In order to obtain the necessary information to evaluate a project, it is necessary to follow the following steps in submitting a proposal.

  1. Please read the directions for submitting a proposal using the Technology Fee Proposal Application.
  2. Login to the Technology Fee Proposal Application using your USF NetID and password.
  3. Complete the form online.  Make sure to save your proposal as "DRAFT" until you are you are ready to submit. Once you're ready to submit your proposal, change the proposal status to "SUBMITTED."

When entering in your proposal information, please remember to continually save your work or you may be timed out.

If you are unable to use the Technology Fee Proposal Application, please follow the process below.

  1. Complete this document (proposal example)
  2. Complete the resource spreadsheet which summarizes the resources outlined on the project proposal (resource spreadsheet example)
  3. Submit the Proposal document and the spreadsheet with an e-mail to technologyfeeproposal@usf.edu and attach the following information:
Information Technology will review the submitted proposal package, record receipt, and assign a proposal number to it.  Depending on the source of the proposal, the package will be routed to the advisory groups that will be reviewing the proposals.  If the project was originated by one of the advisory groups, re-routing will not be necessary.  IT staff will assist with any issues that need resolution.

A log of the proposals in their corresponding year will be posted, along with any status information so that everyone will be kept up to date on the progress of the proposal process.

The proposals will be reviewed during the proposal evaluation period and for a recommendation for funding.  It is anticipated that the funding decisions will be made by the end of June in order to have the projects ready for implementation when the funds become available.