Service Center

Data Recovery

Diagnostic                                              Price:  $45.00

A  Diagnostic includes a thorough evaluation of the computers' hardware and software to determine the cause of any reported  problems. Diagnostics take 24 hours for completion and  Diagnostic fees are waived if any necessary repairs are completed on the computer.


Data Recovery                                       Price:  $75.00

Disk Image of Hard drives and restore of personal data to an external drive. The USF Computer Store is not liable for any data on the customers unit. Any attempt to recover data does not guarantee that all data will be recoverable, and that the data recovered will not be corrupted. It is the customers' liability to ensure that all data is backed up before service of the unit begins.


Standard  Labor  Rate                            Price: $15.00 per 15 minutes (minimum 30 minutes)

Labor rates are billed in 15 minute increments for any necessary work performed during a repair. An estimate will be provided prior to  work being performed for repair.