Software & Security Downloads

Software Downloads

Read&Write GOLD software helps students achieve their academic goals by providing support tools for reading, writing, and research assignments. Read&Write GOLD features both text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversion, as well as word translation, document scanning, and a talking calculator. Funded by the USF Technology Fee.


Security Downloads

The following software packages are available to download. In order to access the download, you may need your NetID.  Software designated for Administrators will require additional privilege.

    1. Save any open files and close all windows except for the browser
    2. Click on the link
    3. Click Run
    4. Click Yes if you are prompted with a security warning
    5. Wait for setup to complete, which takes a few minutes
    6. When setup is complete, you will see an icone for NWRDC.hep on your desktop
    7. Close all open windows
    8. Restart the PC - Issues have been reported using Firefox.  Please use Internet Explorer for best results and allow a few seconds for the download to begin.  This software may only be downloaded from USF Desktops.