VIP System

If a department or college is bringing a guest to the University, they may need to access USF services. Depending upon the business needs, activities, and resources needed, the guest may be eligible for an entry in our VIP System.

Please Note: An entry in our VIP System does not guarantee access to USF services or resources. Access to USF services and resources is controlled by the owners of those services and resources

Read the FAQs below to find out more and view the VIP process.

USF IT Identity Management's Definition of a VIP

In many cases, the VIP has not been previously associated or otherwise affiliated with USF.

What are the responsibilities of the VIP?

 When should a person be identified as a VIP?

Note: This means the person has never been previously associated with USF or currently does not belong in any other system of record as determined by the VIP Administrator.

Who should NOT be identified as a VIP?

For more information about Health IS access to services, please visit the Health IS Website.

Who may be authorized to Sponsor a VIP?

What are the requirements of the Sponsor?

How does someone sponsor one or more VIPs?

Once you have been approved as a Sponsor for your requested Group, please send an email to with the following information for each of your VIP(s): Requests may take up to 5 business days to process!