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USF Students Add Depth to Virtual Worlds

Matthew Wedebrock and Randy Tuazon, students from USF Computer Science, started developing immersive virtual environments at the beginning of the summer semester with the hope of adding advanced real-time rendering capabilities. One of their project objectives was to create a stereoscopic interlaced 3D rendering of the simulations in order to increase visualization capabilities by making the user experience more authentic.

Under the direction of Howard Kaplan, Visualization Specialist at the USF Advanced Visualization Center, they were able to expand their skill set. Utilizing a freeware cross-platform game engine and General Public License (GPL) code, they were able to successfully create and interactive demonstration of stereoscopic 3D rendering of the virtual environments on the ultra high resolution display wall and student lab workstations.

These new developments will add greater depth and insights to simulations and visualizations, further impacting faculty and student research.