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Strategy/What's Next?

Mobile: Tools for Engagement

Wednesday, March 5
9:45am - 10:45am
Spirit Room 2707

Absolute Mobile Solutions

Presenter: Alfred Goldberg, Co-Founder and President of the Americas
Level:  Basic


As educational institutions continue to roll out mobile solutions, such as tablets to replace textbooks, and students continue to use mobile devices for everything from coordinating study sessions to research, mobile is taking the front seat in discussions of education technology. However, results (other than some cost savings) are elusive. The true potential of mobile technology is relevance and engagement. Until we explore mobile's latent potential to engage students and instructors, we will only be scratching the surface or the disruptive capacity of the medium. Additionally, alternative educational outlets such as massive online open courses (MOOCs) have proven adept at tapping into the unique benefits of mobile. Instead of looking at how we can compete with these MOOCs', we must learn from them.