Program Information

Strategy/What's Next?

Hottest Mobile Trends in Campus Technology

Monday, March 3
11:00am - 12:00pm
Plaza Room 2708

Modo Labs          The University of Arizona

Presenters: Stewart Elliot, CEO, Modo Labs, Inc. and 
                   Frank Feagans, Senior Director, Enterprise Application Services, University of Arizona
Level: Basic

Stewart Elliot, the CEO of Modo Labs and Frank Feagans, Senior Director Enterprise Applications Services at the University of Arizona, will spotlight the top mobile requests made by students, and what is happening in the world of mobile to meet these needs. They will also offer a roadmap to implement an amazing mobile university solution, without blowing out your budget, and without needing even a single mobile expert.

Topics include:

●   Your campus is now attended by the Mobile-Mostly generation. It's about to be invaded by the Mobile-Only generation - what does that mean to you, and what you should do to deal with it.
●   Mobile student registration is here - how to increase student engagement exponentially by leveraging mobile for adding and dropping courses, or access to other important student information services (or "how to make your mobile-savvy students the happiest bunch on the planet!").
●  Real-time Mobile Engagement. Developers and Non-Developers alike can now create and update their own mobile sites and native apps dynamically and instantly. Who needs a mobile expert?
●   Non-technical Marketers are now empowered to mobilize everything today, without help, and without a developer: Admissions, New Student Orientation, Special Events, Campus Information, Reunion, Alumni, Transit, Dining, Social...literally everything.