Program Information


Pedagogy and the Mobilization of Education

Tuesday, March 4
11:00am - 12:00pm
Plaza Room 2708


Presenter: Leslie Roberts, President and Founder
Level: Basic

The educational landscape is changing. Students want alternatives to traditional classroom learning. They want education that's mobile, engaging, interactive and fun. Dr. Leslie Roberts, one of North America's leading experts in the digitization of educational content for mobile learning, designs a blue print for pedagogical success for educators.

Roberts will review strategies for designing, delivering and deploying mobile educational content with a specific focus on the user experience (UX). Leslie will review the pedagogical design decisions, best practices and aha! moments behind the development of a world-first post-secondary educational course delivered entirely in a mobile app – Discover Entrepreneurship!

Dr. Roberts is CEO and CoFounder of GoRobos Inc., which designs world-class educational content for mobile applications, and bespoke mobile applications for educational institution. Leslie is passionate about combining technological advances with real-world skills to give learners the best possible foundation for success.