Extension to Cellular

With Extension to Cellular, calls to your campus phone are extended to your cell phone. This allows you to receive work-related calls wherever you are and whenever you need to. Extension to Cellular also offers Caller ID so you know who's calling before you answer.

The Extension to Cellular feature can be activated and de-activated by one touch of a button on your multi-line set.  This feature can also be turned on or off remotely through the use of codes.


Service Charge: $10.00/month

Service Request: This service requires the submission of a Services Request Form. The completed form may be faxed to 813-974-5140 or mailed to the Tampa Campus, building SVC 4010.  If you have any questions contact your Voice & Data Communications Specialist or call the Help Desk at (813) 974-1222.

Extension to Cellular will not work when the following features are activated on your campus phone: Send All Calls, Call Forwarding, or Call Coverage. In addition, if you have voice mail on your campus phone, the number of rings before going to voice mail must be adjusted to be less then the number of rings to your cell phone voice mail.

*Limit of one call waiting