Meet-Me Conference

Meet-Me Conference will allow each department to have their own conference block assigned to them for all theit conferencing needs. The number can be given out to customers to dial in and join a conference call, set and administered by the individual department. Each department will be issued a USF local telephone number for connecting to their conference block along with a password. One person in each department will need to be designated as the conference controller with full permissions to change the password after each conference.

Any telephone model can participate in Meet-Me conferences and can be set up year round.

Each department will be given a USF telephone number to distribute, along with a password for gaining access to the conference. Prompts will instruct each attendee on the status of the conference and as each party joins, a tone will be heard. The automated conference prompter will let each party know what attendee number they are when placed in the conference bridge.

Capacity: 6 parties at a time
Cost: $10.00/month

To participate, please fill out the Service Request Form or you may speak with a Voice and Data Communications Specialists.