Office 365


What is the cloud?

Essentially, cloud computing is about moving computing tasks off your computer, or off USF's premises.  Cloud services are easy to recognize. They...

• aren't installed on your computer--you usually connect to them via a web browser.

• keep your data with the service--not on your computer--so you don't have to worry about backing it up, losing it, or moving it when you switch computers.

• are accessible from any device with a web browser--laptops, smartphones, tablets--so you can reach the service when you are mobile.

Most of us, as individuals, are already familiar with cloud services from providers such as GMail, Facebook, and YouTube. Microsoft Office 365 offers USF similar services for Email, collaboration tools, and file storage.

Other services formerly hosted on premises, are now hosted in the cloud, such as our Help Desk ticketing system, Service Now, and Canvas. Hosting these services in the cloud provides USF a cost savings, additional storage capability, better business continuity design, and often additional functionality.

Is my data secure on cloud services, and what about compliance?

We all want to make sure that information that is shared in email is only shared with the intended recipients of that information.  Microsoft has published a Top List of questions and answers regarding security, compliance, and privacy.

Will I still be able to share my calendar with users that have not migrated to Office 365 yet?

The answer depends on what level of calendar sharing you have in mind.  In Microsoft terms, calendar sharing is the ability to allow others to view your calendar.  This is possible using the Share Calendar function from your email client.  Calendar sharing does not include edit or delegate permissions.  If you need to grant edit or delegate permissions to your calendar, both you and the delegate will need to be in Office 365, or on a local USF Exchange server.

We have several service accounts that are used to send out bulk emails.  Will they be impacted?

No.  As long as you notify us that this functionality is needed, we will not migrate those mailboxes.

Will I have to change the settings on my mobile device after the migration to Office 365?

Most likely, yes.  Some mobile devices use a process known as "auto discover" better than others, and will detect the change, and update your settings for you.  Most devices will need to be reconfigured, and some may even require you to delete the account, and then recreate it.

Can I still use to access my email in a web browser?

Once you have migrated to Office 365 you will not be able to use to access Outlook Web Access (OWA).  You can either use, or you can use the link from the MyUSF portal.