New Voicemail System

Voice Mail System Access Issues
Faculty and staff using USF's new advanced voice mail features may experience problems retrieving messages via Outlook. Communications engineers are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it as soon as possible. Dialing in to check your voice mail via phone is working as expected. If you need online access to voice mail, please visit

Information Technology Communications is in the process of replacing our current Avaya, 20 year-old end of life and end of support, voicemail systems with the latest Cisco Unity Connection voicemail system. This new advanced system will allow users to get voicemail messages not only through the telephone, but through Outlook and the Web using your NetID to login.

Each week, IT Communications will be migrating 100 to 200 users at a time to help speed up the process. We will first start migrating those users with the 974 telephone numbers. Be on the look out for a notification email from Information Technology Communications. You'll receive an email the week that you're scheduled to migrate.

What to expect

New system

Alternate Contact

During your initial setup process, please elect an Alternate Contact. This is the same as your zero (0) out point on your current Avaya voicemail system. An Alternate Contact should someone who can take your important calls. When the person calling you presses the zero (0) button on their phone while listening to your voicemail announcement, they will be transferred to another person who could relay the urgency of the message to you. This Alternate Contact number will no longer be controlled by IT Communications and must be programmed by the user.

Download the Cisco Quick Reference Guide for more information.

Download the Optional Notification Guide for advanced features.

If at anytime someone who has not received a notification and wants to upgrade sooner, please contact your Voice and Data Communications Specialist to be migrated.