Student Technology Fee

Technology Fee Cycle 2017-2018


The following USF System and USF Health proposals were awarded 2017-2018 Technology Fee funds. Please check with your institution for questions regarding specific proposals.

To see the full proposal and details, email with the proposal number and a member of the program office will provide you with the information.

Funded Projects

USF System
TFR0001069 PILOT-Academic Program Scribing in Degree Works Billie Jo Hamilton
TFR0001075 Unified Communications Video Conferencing Michael Kraus
TFR0001076 NetCast Streaming Replacement Michael Kraus
TFR0001079 Online Proctoring Dennis Walpole
TFR0001082 APPS.USF.EDU licensing Eric Pergola
TFR0001084 Stata 15 Statistical Software Site License Corrine Farabee
TFR0001087 Appian iBPM Enterprise License Beth Reid
TFR0001094 Case Management Phase III: High Tech Pathways Travis Thompson
TFR0001095 Integrated Course, Curriculum, and Program Management System Travis Thompson
TFR0001096 Mobile Platform for Students Travis Thompson
TFR0001097 Replacing VZ Admissions System Travis Thompson
TFR0001098 Transforming Undergraduate Admissions Decisioning Process Travis Thompson
TFR0001099 Ebooks for Affordability Monica Metz-Wiseman
TFR0001101 On-demand Digital Learning Jason Hair


USF Health
HTFR0001011 B-Line Simulation Capture System Teresa Gore
HTFR0001014 USF Health Student Portfolios Jay Evans
HTFR0001015 CPH Auditoriums Michael Haywood
HTFR0001019 SonoSim Simulation Michael Kraus
HTFR0001020 AV Standards Upgrade Michael Kraus
HTFR0001021 CAMLS AV Technology Standardization Michael Kraus
HTFR0001022 Core Network Upgrades Joseph Rogers
HTFR0001023 Wireless Upgrades Joseph Rogers
HTFR0001024 CAMLS Network Infrastructure Joseph Rogers
HTFR0001033 Eight Collaboration Tables Larry Cramer
HTFR0001040 Loaner Laptop Stations Michael Yoon
HTFR0001042 Center for advanced anatomical modeling and surgical planning Peter Simon
HTFR0001046 IT Infrastructure Improvements/Support Brian Ippolito
HTFR0001047 Data Backup and Recovery Refresh for Student Systems Brian Ippolito