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USF System President Judy Genshaft

People sometimes take for granted those basic elements that allow us to thrive. Some facets of our lives seem so ubiquitous that we rarely notice them at all. These are the parts that often deserve our attention the most.

Such is the case for water: something so critical to our existence, yet so easily neglected.

Fortunately, the University of South Florida is grounded in its mission to promote water sustainability. USF researchers across each of our institutions are tackling the significant challenges of protecting this vital resource.

In communities large and small, from the vast ocean to the microscopic organisms of our estuaries, USF is making an impact. Access to safe drinking water, curtailing climate change, controlling pollution, and understanding the full range of biodiversity are some of the many water-related pursuits of our faculty and students that enable all of us to live and grow.

The issues are only becoming more complex as our cities become more crowded and interconnected. It takes a truly interdisciplinary research approach – through the collaboration of chemical engineers, environmental engineers, public health experts, biologists, marine scientists and others – to build meaningful solutions. I'm proud these scholars have embraced this issue with the curiosity, creativity, and optimism that exemplifies our mission as an institution dedicated to the betterment of the future.

These efforts are laudable, indeed. But their success also depends on each one of us as individuals recognizing and respecting water for what it is: a most basic element of life.

Judy Genshaft, President
University of South Florida System