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Sanim's Story

Sanim Rahman
Sanim Rahman
Class of Spring 2019
Goldwater Honorable Mention

Sanim Rahman is one of three USF Goldwater Honorable Mention awardees. As a first-generation college student and one of the youngest national nominees for the Goldwater Scholarship, he feels his accomplishments have affirmed his aspirations.

"I plan to continue on to graduate school," Sanim says. "This achievement also inspired me to revolutionize undergraduate research at USF by founding the Undergraduate Research Society and starting an undergraduate research journal."

While preparing for the Goldwater Scholarship application process, he built a competitive student profile with assistance from the Office of National Scholarships.

"The Office of National Scholarships provided me an environment where I could be bold and ambitious," says Sanim. "They assisted with the process of building a competitive profile to enhance my application for competitive fellowships. I know I will continue to work with the Office of National Scholarships for the rest of my undergraduate career at USF." Sanim considers the Goldwater Honorable Mention as his most notable achievement at USF.

He advises other students to stay the course with the national scholarship application process. "Don't be afraid to be ambitious. Find your passion and doors will open for you. I personally showed little promise in STEM subjects until I found my passion in neuro-engineering."

After graduation, Sanim will pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. His career goals combine computational and experimental investigations of neurodegenerative disorders to develop novel methods of neural stimulation, and design neural prosthetics.

Congratulations, Sanim!

Interested in applying for the Goldwater Scholarship? Please email Dr. Sayan Basu for information on the application process: