Glo-Bull Beginnings Week Links

Welcome to the University of South Florida! To ensure your transition experience is a positive one, please make sure you complete the items on this list.

Complete iStart Requirements

Make sure that you have completed all of the checklist items in your iStart account. In addition, make sure that your shuttle or ground transportation options are confirmed.

Housing Check In Information

All students who check in before August 21 are required to complete an early arrival form for Housing. Please note that although this form says you will be charged for moving in, your fees are covered through your Glo-Bull Beginnings experience. There is no additional fee. Students living in Juniper, Poplar or Magnolia halls will check in at the Juniper-Poplar Lobby (labeled as JPH on campus map). Student living in all other buildings will check

Meals During Glo-Bull Beginnings Week

You will be given an envelope containing meal vouchers when you check in on August 17th. All meals not during the two-day Orientation session will be served at Juniper Dining in Juniper-Poplar Hall. Review the information at the link for more information on the meals, including how to take the BullRunner shuttle to Juniper Dining.

Glo-Bull Beginnings Week Schedule

We know you've been patiently waiting to see the schedule for Glo-Bull Beginnings Week. Please know that we will go over this schedule with you in detail on August 18.