Welcome from our Interim Dean, Richard Berman

Group 2016

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Patel College of Global Sustainability at the University of South Florida. We have a very exciting year of innovation, learning, and development ahead of us.

The Patel College functions as the epicenter of sustainability at USF. It harbors the catalyst and facilitator Patel Center for Global Solutions and the Office of Sustainability, which coordinates and builds partnership for university wide initiatives that advance USF's strategic goal of creating a sustainable campus environment.

Already known locally and internationally as a hub of sustainability, research and practice in the energy, water, sustainable tourism, and social entrepreneurship sectors, the Patel College is expanding. Through interdisciplinary cooperation on campus, we can embrace other aspects key to global sustainability such as civil society, conflict resolution, poverty, hunger, healthcare and diplomacy.

This augmented perspective will enable the Patel College to more fully address global issues. While we are asking developing nations to invest funds to protect natural ecosystems, we must also think about the sustainability of the nation's people who lack access to nutrition and healthcare. Both issues are important and connected. By digging in at the root of the problem, we can promote permanent solutions to the world's most pressing issues and challenges.

At the Patel College, our students graduate to become tomorrow's leaders. However, success after graduation depends heavily on student drive and involvement. It isn't enough to excel academically; working in sustainability demands passion, commitment, and boots on the ground.

Thankfully, our program offers ample opportunities to get involved and gain experience. Apply for a fellowship with the Office of Sustainability. Submit a proposal to the Student Green Energy Fund. Secure an internship with one of our local partners like the Sustany Foundation or the Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough. Present a paper at the upcoming Sustainable Food Conference. Join a relevant club or organization at USF, and network.

Overall, remember that you are here not only to complete coursework, but also to grow as a person, a professional, and as a global citizen. Our expert staff and committed faculty will guide you on your way to success.

Best Regards,

Richard Berman
Interim Dean, Patel College of Global Sustainability