Academic Programs

Core Course Descriptions

IDS 6233 - Concepts and Principles of Sustainability (3)

This course discusses basic concepts and principles of sustainable development, systems integration, and different sustainability perspectives such as local/global and historical/future. Best practices are analyzed through case studies and a research project.

IDS 6235 - Economics and Finance for Sustainability (3)

The course provides sustainability practitioners with an overview of how economics and finance are expanded in the green economy to optimize the triple bottom line of profits, people, and the environment. Emphasis is placed on both environmental and corporate economics and finance. A real-world project offers students the opportunity to practice their knowledge.

IDS 6234 - Systems Thinking: The Key to Sustainability (3)

The course develops the critical system thinking skills to solve sustainability challenges. It covers quantitative system analysis techniques including environmental impact assessment, life-cycle assessment, cost-benefit analysis and decision analysis.

IDS 6946 - Global Sustainability Internship (6)

This domestic or international internship is a capstone course in the Patel College of Global Sustainability MA program. It is based on an interdisciplinary field study, designed to provide a student with an opportunity to develop a comprehensive in-depth study on sustainability with respect to a specific field. It will also allow students to build strong interactions with external stakeholders who influence practice and policy. During this internship, students will apply acquired theoretical skills to investigate real-world problems and develop innovative solutions in sustainability.

IDS 6398 - Global Sustainability Research Project (6)

Students will identify the sustainability subject of their capstone project or pick from an existing selection of projects, discuss the scope and methodology with their faculty supervisor, and obtain their consent on a form supplied by the College.