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WaterSeer Promises Water Security and Independence

May 22nd, 2017

Water is an essential part of day-to-day life, although many around the world do not have reliable access to it. Co-founders Don Zacherl and Nancy Curtis recognized this issue, and with their vision and the help of crowdfunding, WaterSeer came to be.

"WaterSeer condenses pure water from the air without power or chemicals. It is green, low-maintenance, sustainable, mobile and scalable for any community," details WaterSeer's website. "Our company is developing a family of new products that will provide a limitless supply of clean water to meet the world's endless demand."

The goal of WaterSeer is to combat the problems of contaminated, scarce and inaccessible water and allow for greater access to clean water. Currently there is only a WaterSeer prototype, but the company projects to have field trials going on as early as summer 2017.

"As we move forward to testing in the next few weeks, our team will look at safety, function, durability and market acceptance of the product. And the results from that testing may very well result in changes to the WaterSeer before manufacturing of the final product," Nicole Iglesias wrote on WaterSeer's online journal. "We believe in WaterSeer. Our community believes in WaterSeer."

Those who participated and bought in the crowdfunding campaign will receive early adopter shipping. The company hopes to debut WaterSeer to the public in the commercial market in January of 2018.