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Online Training Module Instructions

For Best Results: View Full Screen (800 X 600 or higher). Keyboard: F11

How to use the Online Learning Modules: The modules can be used as online training and as resource reference centers. Click through each of the training slides or use the Course Navigator to jump directly to the information you need.

Course Navigation:

NOTE: Certain browser settings return an "Action canceled / No page to display" message when accessing documents attached to websites. Just click the Refresh/Reload button on your browser to open the linked information.

Printed Guide: You may wish to takes notes and have the printed guide as you navigate through the training. To print the guide, click the Print Guide button, download and print.

Completion: To record your completion of an online training module, click the Submit Results Popup button (Test Results page.)

Once the popup appears, click the Submit Your Score button and then click the Close Window button.

Successful completion of each module will be recorded within the GEMS Training Summary. 


Training Courses: