Veterans Reintegration and Resilience

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News, updates, and information regarding the University of South Florida's research related to veterans' reintegration, rehabilitation, and resilience.

USF Research Studies

USF researchers are conducting studies of student veterans who have children ages 6-18 and who served in OEF, OIF, or Operation New Dawn. USF researchers are also conducting studies of family members or significant others who provide care or assistance for veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan.

General Martin Steele's Testimony

General Martin Steele's testimony describing USF's efforts on mental health care for veterans presented to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, July 10, 2014 and on C-SPAN.

Off the Base

WUSF News: Off the Base includes reporting on veterans’ issues, military affairs, and military families. The Off the Base Blog helps provide a better understanding of military life for service members and their families, featuring contributions from various active duty, retired military, and their family members.