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Golden Bull Awards

The Golden Bull Award is one of USF's highest honors given annually (in the spring semester) to up to 20 deserving undergraduate and graduate students who encompass the spirit of USF and have demonstrated its values. Recipients must exemplify exceptional leadership and service to the University and the community and meet the following criteria to apply for the award:

The University of South Florida is dedicated to excellence and the Golden Bull recipients embrace and epitomize the following values of the institution:

Student Affairs supports these values through programs, services, and activities that enhance the student's out of classroom experience and recognizes students through this award that have lived these values during their tenure at USF.

Applications for the 2017 Golden Bull Awards will open at the beginning of the 2017 spring semester.


Congratulations to the 2016 Golden Bull Recipients!   

Ricci Allen photo

Ricci Allen

John Beggs photo

John Beggs

Anthony Cilluffo photo

Anthony Cilluffo

Harmelle Davis photo

Harmelle Davis


Anhvinh Donavo Picture

Anhvinh Doanvo

Bianca Echtler Picture

Bianca Echtler

Girgis Fahmy Picture

Girgis Fahmy

Emma Jagasia Photo

Emma Jagasia


Martin Copello Leon

Martin Copello Leon

Di Li photo

Di Li

Steffanie Munguia photo

Steffanie Munguia


Priyanshi Patel Photo

Priyanshi Patel


Roberto Rosado Photo

Roberto Infante Rosado

Andrew Sephien Picture

Andrew Sephien

Natalie Soyster Photo

Natalie Soyster

Kristen Truong Photo

Kristen Truong


Vijayan Lasxmi Photo

Lasxmi Vijayan

Thomasina Watson Photo

Thomasina Watson

Rhondel Whyte Photo

Rhondel Whyte

Roshard Williams Photo

Roshard Williams


2015 Recipients 

Brandi Arnold

Kristeen Bulluck

Michael Calzadilla

Lindsay Cash

Kaitlin Deutsch

Anne Pfister

Insiya Ezzi

Marcos Gonzalez

Huzzatun Iqra

Anjali Kewalramani

Andrea Little

Tran Luong

Patrick Mullen

Emmeline Nix

Natalie Pearson

Tasha Rennels

Jennifer Stenbeck