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Golden Bull Awards

The Golden Bull Award is one of USF's highest honors given annually (in the spring semester) to up to 20 deserving undergraduate and graduate students who encompass the spirit of USF and have demonstrated its values. Recipients must exemplify exceptional leadership and service to the University and the community and meet the following criteria to apply for the award:

The University of South Florida is dedicated to excellence and the Golden Bull recipients embrace and epitomize the following values of the institution:

Student Affairs supports these values through programs, services, and activities that enhance the student's out of classroom experience and recognizes students through this award that have lived these values during their tenure at USF. 

2018 Golden Bull Award 

Students can apply here for the 2018 Golden Bull Award. All application materials must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

Golden Bull Recipients



Samari Blair

Samari Blair





Graduating in May with degrees in both Biomedical Sciences and Public Health, Samari has served as a Senator for her Hall Council, a Resident Assistant in the Cypress community, Lead Facilitator for the Emerging Leaders Institute, Trip Coordinator for Bulls Service Breaks, and much more.

This past summer, Samari completed an undergraduate fellowship at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City—one of the most prestigious and competitive programs for students in her field.

With her education being the driving force to accomplish her professional goals, Samari has maintained a competitive GPA while pursuing two degrees, and will graduate from USF after three years at the age of 19. 

After graduation, Samari will pursue a Masters of Public Health at Florida State University and eventually an M.D., which will allow her to accomplish her goals of mitigating disparities and providing quality healthcare to underrepresented children and families.


Abdulah Barakat

Abdulah Barakat





Graduating with a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology this May, Abdulah is an Honors College student who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to USF as a researcher, volunteer, and student leader. Abdulah's commitment to uncovering new knowledge and bringing new discoveries is evidenced in his research at the Byrd Alzhimer’s Institute at USF.

Abdulah has represented his peers as a Senator in Student Government; has encouraged fellow Bulls to join in the tradition of Stampede of Service as a team leader; and has given fellow international students a sense of belonging at the university by narrating his experiences of adapting to the United States at the International Students Culture Shock Prevention Program.

One recommender states, “I am continually amazed at the refreshingly creative solutions to problems that Abdulah enacts. He has a brilliant mind and a caring heart.”


Chelsea Lo

Chelsea Lo





Chelsea is Political Science major graduating in May. Upon entering the University, Chelsea made a personal commitment to seek a fresh start, new experiences, and a growth in perspective—all of which she feels she accomplished through her dynamic work, leadership, and volunteer experiences at USF.

For example, Chelsea has served as Senior Justice on the USF Student Government Supreme Court, where she has contributed to increased access and transparency with the student body as well as other unified efforts. In addition to her Student Government, Chelsea has been a leader within the USF Chinese Culture & Language Club, USF Office of Undergraduate Research, USF Mock Trial Club, and the Order of the Golden Brahman.

Chelsea has served as a Research Assistant with the US Senate Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs & Federal Management and plans to pursue a career in immigration law before serving in public office to represent her community on a greater level.


George Boghdadi

George Boghdadi





Graduating in May with a degree in Biomedical Science and a minor in Psychology, George is part of the seven-year medical program here at USF and will join the class of 2021 at Morsani this Fall.

For George, being a doctor requires more than just having the knowledge and skills to treat patients and their diseases. Being a doctor requires care, compassion, communication, and leadership, all skills and capacities George has developed as a student leader, researcher, and volunteer.

As a sophomore, George founded a student organization called HOPE—Helping Other People Excel—which was designed to offer students the ability to serve their community, more specifically underprivileged students in a local Title I school. George has been recognized on the Dean’s List every semester since starting at USF, and has shared his knowledge and success as a tutor in subjects such as Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Genetics at the Academic Success Center.


Shane Clark

Shane Clark





Shane is a Cell and Molecular Biology major with a minor in Psychology who will also graduate this May. Once voted by the USF Orientation team as the Most Valuable Player, Shane has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the University of South Florida as a USF Ambassador and a member of the Order of the Golden Brahman, USF Rotaract, the Honors College, and the inaugural Senior Gift Committee.

Shane created the first ever Pre-Medical American Medical Student Association mentorship program, which connected over 112 USF pre-med students to 91 current medical students.

A true turning point for Shane was being invited to engage in the Honors Research Scholars Program, which has led to nearly four years of research at the Florida Center for Drug Discovery and Innovation and a newfound love for chemistry. After graduation, Shane will attend the University of Oxford for a master’s degree in Pharmacology.


Jonathan Conde

Jonathan Conde





A two-time Bull earning master’s degrees in Sports Management and Business Administration, Jonathan credits his leadership development to opportunities with the Emerging Leaders Institute, Lead Fellows, and the once-in-a-lifetime experience of being crowned Homecoming King. In 2011, Jonathan was also the founding president of Phi Kappa Phi at USF.

After being in the workforce for three years, Jonathan returned to graduate school at USF to continue his legacy within the university. He states, “Every morning I woke up with a passion to make a difference on campus,” and that is what has set him apart as a valuable asset to this community.

Jonathan aspires to take on new leadership within the Tampa Bay Lightning, where he currently serves as an Account Representative. Additionally, his commitment to service is evidenced in his volunteer roles in the “Guide the Thunder” mentoring program and the Human Society, among others.


Paige DePagter

Paige DePagter





Graduating next month with a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology, Paige has a special interest in bioinformatics, a field of study new to the university’s academic plan. Paige is an award-winning, published undergraduate researcher within the field of bioinformatics who will present her research at an international conference later this year.

Paige’s significant accomplishments extend beyond the lab, as she has also been instrumental in the adoption of BullSync for student engagement and in the development of the Involvement Consultants housed in the Center for Student Involvement & Fraternity/Sorority Life. As the student chair of the Fraternity/Sorority Life Task Force, Paige led the creation of a new assessment process for fraternal organizations at USF after benchmarking over 60 universities and managing a committee of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Paige has been a dynamic, innovative leader in multiple areas at USF.


Dalia Elmelige

Dalia Elmelige





Dalia will graduate in May with degrees in International Studies and Anthropology. Motivated by her early experiences moving from a private Muslim school to a public school, Dalia’s personal mission involves using her knowledge in public policy as the bridge between theory and action as she creates positive change alongside grassroots organizations effecting public policy.

In her application, Dalia states, “As a public servant, activist, and academic I will dig deeper into the situations of structural violence that public polices often aggravate.” Dalia will continue this journey of advocacy-focused research and engagement as a 2017 Fulbright at the University of Bristol.

Dalia found family within the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement, serving with Bulls for Kids and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa. Her leadership on campus led her to be a Senator in Student Government, an officer in the International Students Association, and a USF Ambassador.


Ryan Graydon

Ryan Graydon





Ryan is currently pursuing a masters of public health with plans to graduate in August 2017. As the graduate advisor in the Office of National Scholarships, Ryan has been instrumental in mentoring students through competitive national scholarship applications, resulting in 25 national award recipients being accepted to education abroad programs.

Ryan advocated to conduct research on the practices and perceptions of tap water and bottled water consumption of the USF Tampa campus, aiming to reduce USF’s carbon footprint and initiate positive change in our community. His career objective is to provide sustainable clean water solutions to global communities through collaboration and empowerment and to consult with a development or environment health agency.

Ryan’s mission is simple: “My desire is always to leave a place better than I found it, and my time here at USF has been no different.”


Christopher Griffin

Christopher Griffin





Chris Griffin is a Political Science and Economics major in the Honors College. Throughout his USF Career, Chris has demonstrated leadership in the community through his work within the Office of Orientation, Fraternity & Sorority Life, New Student Connections, and, most recently, Student Government as the USF Student Body President. In this position, Chris has played a vital role in establishing programs and initiatives for students, managing a budget of $400,000, and assisting with the allocation of 15 million dollars in activity and service fee funds for student affairs departments, student organizations, and campus initiatives.

Chris has demonstrated engagement with the community and public service by lobbying to the Florida legislature on behalf of students in the state of Florida. Chris has connected his public service to his academic endeavors by presenting policy recommendations to change Florida statutes based on his research on sexual assault legislation.

Chris states, “It is not the titles that will reflect my legacy. It is the lives that I have touched that will me be remembered.”


Evan Johnson

Evan Johnson





Evan Johnson will graduate in May as an Honors student majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Psychology. During his tenure at USF, Evan has gained research experience with the USF Department of Psychology and the Moffitt Cancer Center Department of Immunology.

Evan plans to continue his path toward a career as a physician by attending medical school in August. Ultimately, he hopes to work at a non-profit hospital where he can successfully collaborate with teams of healthcare professionals to provide high-quality solutions and care within the community. Evan also hopes to be involved with academic medicine, teaching future physicians and medical professionals as a professor.

Evan has exemplified exceptional leadership as an Orientation Team Leader, Resident Assistant, Student Government Senator, Civic Engagement Board member, and both Founder and Vice President of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. One recommender emphatically stated that she truly believes Evan is on the cusp of greatness!


Nadia Khalil

Nadia Khalil





As a student in the 7-year medical BS/MD program here at USF, Nadia will graduate this summer with a degree in Biomedical Sciences, and again in 2020 with her Doctorate in Medicine.

When it comes to her education, Nadia thinks critically, explores applications, and conducts independent research so she can provide the best care to her future patients. Humanitarian outreach is a deeply rooted passion for Nadia. This passion was further shaped by her experiences as a USF student. A notable role Nadia has played has been at the USF Health BRIDGE Clinic—a student-run clinic serving a local population of uninsured individuals needing medical care.

Nadia also spearheaded the creation of Movement Influencing Neurological Disorders—also known as MIND—which is a student organization committed to raising awareness of disorders and providing volunteer activities for USF students. As a leader in three religious organizations, Nadia embodies the value of diversity at USF and is a model for inclusive excellence for her peers.


Sabrina Khalil

Sabrina Khalil





According to Sabrina, her blood is green and gold. Her parents met at USF. Her two siblings are also pursuing their dreams at USF. And as a Bull family, they are committed to the values of diversity, service, and academic excellence. All of these are evident in Sabrina’s experiences and contributions to USF.

Sabrina matriculated into the Morsani College of Medicine in Fall 2016 as a member of the 7-year medical program. Sabrina has demonstrated her heart for service by serving as a leader for Project Downtown, a homeless advocacy group that provides food, clothing, and conversation every Friday to individuals who are homeless. She also organizes health fairs and local free clinics where individuals receive free health screenings, vaccines, health education, and patient care.

Sabrina is currently a Patient Safety student working on a research project that will help pinpoint causes of medical errors and pose solutions to the problem.


Alejandra Mallorga Hernandez

Alejandra Mallorga Hernandez





Alejandra is an Honors student majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Public Health. Alejandra has made significant contributions to both our local and global communities during her time at USF.

In Summer 2015, Alejandra served as an English teach at a low-income school in Peru. In Tampa, she serves as the Community Outreach Director with the Premedical American Student Association—a role that allows her to be the link between the John Knox Retirement Community and USF students. Alejandra developed a volunteer program that encourages USF students to do artistic activities with Tampa residents with moderate Alzheimer’s.

Additionally, Alejandra collaborates with the Morsani School of Medicine to host Spanish Enrichment Clinics that target first and second year medical students to teach them Spanish terminology, helping them broaden their perspectives and become more culturally aware.

Alejandra’s research is focused on a new metric to prevent liver cancer recurrence. She will pursue a research master’s degree followed by an MD.


Sarina Masso Maldonado

Sarina Masso Maldonado





Sarina is an Honors College student who will graduate in May with a degree in Biomedical Sciences, after which she will pursue her doctorate in Medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

As a first-year student, Sarina became a research volunteer at the Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute. For two years she worked tirelessly on biochemistry lab experiments, then decided to challenge herself by presenting an original research paper about Greek mythology at a research colloquium.

Sarina’s commitment to academics complements her community engagement. For two years she has been an Emergency Room volunteer at the VA Hospital, serving veterans like her father. Sarina also does fieldwork with a group that aims to improve ER visits for patients at Tampa General Hospital.

Sarina will be leaving behind a large two-by-four-foot mosaic she created specifically to donate to the Honors College as part of her thesis. Containing thousands of manually cut pieces of glass, the mosaic represents her view of USF.


Youssef Mohamed

Youssef Mohamed





At 18 years old, Youssef will graduate this May as an Honors student majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Biomedical Engineering. Youssef’s ultimate goal is to become a neurosurgeon, and he has taken on research, volunteer, and leadership roles at USF to help him on that journey.

Youssef is currently the President of the National Society of Leadership and Success—an organization he has seen transformed since joining early in his USF career. Youssef is also the Secretary of Movement Influencing Neurological Disorders—also known as MIND—and still finds time to participate on two intramural sports teams and go sailing twice a week through Sea Scouts.

Recently, Youssef helped form a Young Muslim youth group at USF. This group provides a common meeting time for students to discuss their faith freely then enjoy fun, recreational activities. This opportunity to bond also provides new students with direct access to mentoring and support for their USF journeys.


Luis Regalado

Luis Regalado





Luis will graduate in May with a degree in Biomedical Sciences and a minor in General Public Health. An Honors College student at USF, Luis’ unique perspective on healthcare is informed by his volunteer experiences in a rural hospital in Colombia and a medical service trip to the Dominican Republic.

This passion for global health has led him to continue his studies at the University of Oxford to earn a master’s degree in Global Health Science. Luis ultimately hopes to treat underserved communities through agencies like Doctors Without Borders while contributing to the research of cardiac disease and its relationship with other rising global health concerns.

At USF, Luis has been a researcher at the Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute and Morton Mease Cardiovascular Research Department; STEM Academy Peer Mentor in the Office of Undergraduate Research; Lead Fellow in the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement; and Ambassador for the Love Your Melon Foundation USF Chapter, among many other experiences.


Vincent Roth

Vincent Roth





Vincent will graduate in May with a degree in Biomedical Sciences and minors in Psychology and Biomedical Physics.

At the end of his first semester at USF, Vincent traveled to India as a delegate for a youth conference on political engagement with the Kosove Society—an organization he has since served as President of for two years. The engaging dialogue around pressing issues at this conference gave Vincent a new lens that clarified his academic and career path.

Vincent champions the connection between medicine and social justice and has applied this understanding to clinical research internship at Tampa General Hospital as well as to his Honors thesis on LGBT health disparities.

Vincent has also been an integral part of the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement, leading a Bulls Service Breaks trip to the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans as well as completely revamping and revitalizing the Lead Fellows Board over his two years as Director. 


Sayed Abdullah Sadat

Sayed Abdullah Sadat





Sayed Abdullah is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering on a Fulbright Scholarship from the US Department of State, and will graduate this May. Recognized during the City of Tampa’s Engineering Week as Engineering Student of the Year, Sayed Abdullah has co-authored several papers for publication and has gained great experience and increased his confidence in the foundations of research. He was also award the Fulbright Global Medal from USF System President Judy Genshaft.

During his tenure at USF, Sayed Abdullah revived a student chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics’ Engineers Power and Energy Society with facilitates student’s engagement with the power industry and provides networking opportunities for USF students in the field. The chapter started in the 1980s had been inactive for decades, but under his leadership, the organization has grown to more than 100 members and has the support of engineers, managers, and internship providers across the Florida West Coast Section.


Jhulianna Vivar

Jhulianna Vivar





Jhulianna will be a 2017 Honors College graduate with degrees in Biomedical Science and Psychology and a minor in Sociology.

Jhulianna holds several leadership roles on campus including President of her sorority, Omega Phi Beta; External Vice President of the Multicultural Greek Council; USF Ambassador; and Civic Engagement Board Committee in the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement. In these roles, Jhulianna has focused on increasing member involvement in USF activities, creating meaningful community partnerships, and developing new initiatives.

Jhulianna sees servant leadership as a common thread through all of her experiences. While in Florence, Jhulianna conducted research on the Italian Health Care System and its management of the refugee crisis in Europe, sparking her advocacy for patient-centered medicine and individualized care. Her ultimate goal is to establish a free clinic that provides basic care and services to disadvantaged populations, championing healthcare as a right, not a luxury.

Through her Honors thesis, she has proposed a $1000 scholarship to assist an underrepresented study in studying abroad, which she hopes is awarded in 2018.




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