Projects in Progress


The following projects have been awarded funding by the Student Green Energy Fund and are in the process of implementation:


Beard Parking Garage

Beard Garage LED Lights
Install efficient LED lights in the Beard Parking Garage.
Project Lead: John Pilz
Team Members: Frank Granda, Raymond Mensah, Roger Stern, Chi-Kai Hung
Funding: $434,180

Campus Recreation Boiler

Install a condensing boiler outside the USF Campus Recreation pool area to eliminate the energy required to heat the pool water. This project will also eliminate the current need to pump heated water from a long distance.
Project lead: Alex Kirk, Integrative Biology
Funding: $153,700
Anticipated completion: December 2017

Campus Recreation Tennis and Basketball Light Project
Convert the lighting for campus tennis and basketball courts to energy-saving LED lights.
Project Lead: Shalaun Franklin
Funding: $217,300
Anticipated Completion: October 2017

Collins Parking Garage LED lights
Upgrade the Collins parking garage's 487 light fixtures to longer lasting and more energy efficient LED lighting.
Project lead: Adam Burrell
Team: Nadeem Freajah, Benjamin Carr, and Frank Granda.
Funding: $321,279
Anticipated Completion: July 2018

Electric Bus
Purchase electric bus to begin transitioning USF's diesel-fueled fleet, thus reducing the campus' annual carbon output.
Project lead: Lauren Jones, USF Parking & Transportation
Project team member: Dylan Thomas, USF Parking & Transportation
Funding: $636,000
Anticipated completion: May 2018

EV charging station - Phase III
Add five new locations for students to charge their electric vehicles, with four parking spaces per location.
Project lead: Nadeem Freajah, School of Geosciences
Team members: John Pilz, USF graduate; Jakob Hartung, College of Engineering; Adam Burrell, College of Business; Frank Granda, Parking and Transportation Services
Funding: $194,064
Anticipated completion: November 2017

iBar Technology for USF Library 
Provide iBars for 10 air-handling units at the USF library to improve their efficiency and reduce the building's carbon footprint
Project lead: Ashini Vashi
Team member: Suchi Daniels
Funding: $68,889
Anticipated completion: May 2018

Marshall Student Center Solar Panels

Marshall Student Center (MSC) Solar Panel Installation
Install solar panels on the third and fourth level roofs of the MSC for energy generation.
Project Lead: John Pilz
Team Members: Chi-Kai Hung, Jakob Hartung, Sujit Chemburkar, Daniel Iglesias
Funding: $1,387,603
Anticipated Completion: June 2017

Reducing USF's CO2 Emissions with Algae
Study the reduction of CO2 emissions from the USF boilers using microalgae.
Project Lead: Lauren Reilly Team Members: Bethany Loya, Adit Patel
Funding: $5,300
Anticipated Completion: December 2017

Renew-A-Bull Biodiesel Project
Increase the production of biodiesel created from campus waste oil by creating a mobile processing unit fitted with solar panels. Project Lead: Dr. Aydin Sunol
Funding: $259,700
Anticipated Completion: Dec. 31, 2018

Roadway and Parking LED Lights
Convert more than 900 roadway and parking lights on campus to LED.
Project Lead: Rajeev Kamal (student), Antonio Lourenco (staff), and Lauren Monti (student)
Funding: $459,934
Anticipated Completion: September 2017

Thermal Energy Storage System
Design and install a thermal energy storage system at the USF Clean Energy Research Center's solar thermal power generation facility.
Funding: $95,400
Project Lead: Chatura Wickramaratne and Barry Ostermann-Burgess (students) Allison Madden (staff)
Anticipated Completion: February 2018

Tree planting Phase II
Plant trees on campus to provide shade, absorb carbon dioxide and commemorate Arbor Day
Project lead: Antonio Lourenco, USF Facilities Planning
Team members: John Pilz, USF graduate; Robin Rives, College of Geosciences; Nadeem Freajah, School of Geosciences; Shuang Hao, USF Facilities Planning; Adam Burrell, College of Business; Alexis Boback, College of Arts and Sciences
Funding: $39,644
Anticipated completion: September 2017