Looking for inspiration? Look what our students, faculty and staff have successfully implemented with the Student Green Energy Fund to make our campus more energy efficient and environmentally friendly!

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Reducing USF's Green House Gas Emissions Campus-Wide
Purchase renewable energy credits and carbon offsets to help USF achieve its green house gas emissions reduction goal of 10 percent.
Project Lead: Lauren Reilly
Team Members: Kebreab Ghebremichael, Nainan Desai, Suchi Daniels
Funding: $53,000

FALL 2016

SGEF Green & Gold BSF Lighting Project
Reduce USF's carbon footprint by placing energy-efficient LED light bulbs in the Bio-Science Facility Building.
Project Lead: Rajeev Kamal
Team Members: Francesca Moloney, Arun Kumar Narasimhan
Funding: $93,540
Anticipated Completion: Nov. 30, 2016

SPRING 2016 

Argos Student Food Service Courtyard Solar Umbrellas

Argos Student Food Service Courtyard Solar Umbrellas
Install six solar umbrellas in outdoor seating area to power recharging stations with USB ports.
Project Lead: Walter Pestrak
Team Member: Joseph Fields
Funding: $11,512

Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Install electric vehicle charging station near the Patel College of Global Sustainability.
Project lead: John Pilz
Team members: Roger Stern, Adib Amini
Funding: $42,400

Modular Supercritical Biodiesel Project
Develop a community-centered, sustainable infrastructure to generate biodiesel fuel for the Bull Runner from campus cooking oil waste.
Project Lead: Aydin K. Sunol
Team Members: Zachary Cerniga, David Townsend
Funding: $106,000

Arbor Day Tree Planting

Tree Planting in Commemoration of Arbor Day
Plant 73 trees on campus with the first being planted on Arbor Day 2016.
Project Lead: John Pilz
Team Members: Shuang Hao, Bryan VanSant, Tewodros Mengistu, Chi-kai Hung
Funding: $86,385



Share-A-Bull Amendment
Add racks to the campus bike share program.
Project Lead: Yu Zhang
Team members: Dwight Pollock, Jochen Eckart, Phil Winter, Pei-Sung Lin
Funding: $71,897



FALL 2015

students riding the Share-a-Bull Bikes

Campus Bike Share Project
Deployed a smart bike-sharing program with 100 GPS enabled bikes, multiple bicycle parking stations, and a mobile phone app to facilitate locating, reserving and returning bikes.
Project lead: Yu Zhang
Fund: $548,384



ETS Phase II Solar Panel & Golf Cart Charging Station
Installation of solar panels on the existing building at the ETS Carport Charging Station; continuation of the solar initiatives.
Team members: John Pilz, Elias Stefanakos, Roger Stern, Emma Lopez
Fund: $22,260

FALL 2014

green treadmills in Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation Exercise Equipment
Installed of three (3) pieces of energy-efficient exercise equipment
Project lead: Adit Patel
Fund: $36,040


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Installed of two (2) electric vehicle charging stations
Project lead: John Pilz
Fund: $37,810





Chemistry Plaza Solar Charging Stations
Installed solar charging stations/tables 
Project leads: Mike Ballester and Sarah Baynard
Fund: $27,702 


FALL 2013

Rocky at Water Hydration Station

Water Hydration Stations
Added 36 more hydration stations to refill water bottles and other containers across campus in two phases
Team members: John Shahbazian, John McCall, Briena Gianfrencesco, Matthew Sipinick
Fund: Phase III $32,123; Phase IV $41,735






FALL 2012

Air Handler Automation
Developed interface software to automatically and dynamically set the schedules of air handlers to maintain temperature and humidity based on the space schedule information available from the R25 database
Team members: Richard Meana and Srinivas Katkoori
Fund: $30,004

Contemporary Art Museum LED Retrofits
Converted existing halogen lamps to energy efficient, long-lasting LED lighting
Team members: Margaret Miller, Alexa Favata, Tony Palms
Fund: $9,100



Campus Computer Sleep Mode Software
Installed new software on campus computers to automatically put them in sleep mode when not in use
Team members: Ken Christenson, Nainan Desai, Craig Woolley, Kebreab Ghebremichael, Siva Prakash
Fund: $50,000


Crescent Hill LED Lighting Retrofit

Crescent Hill Parking Garage Lighting
Replaced existing fluorescent lighting in the with energy-saving LED lights
Tean members: Frank Granda, Chris Nardelli, Manuel Lopez
Fund: $158,604



Cypress Hall Lighting Controls
Installed lighting controls at Cypress Hall to dim or brighten the lights
Team members: John Curtis
Fund: $12,340

Juniper-Poplar Hall HVAC Upgrade
Upgraded the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system
Team members: Ernie Olivares
Fund: $104,760

Water Hydration Stations
Added 15 more hydration stations to refill water bottles and other containers across campus
Project lead: Sarah Baynard
Fund: $24,320