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Multicultural Community

Multicultural Community Organizations are awarded points to recognize their exemplary programming and volunteer efforts related to multiculturalism. Points are a representation of each organization's commitment to fulfilling the vision and mission of the MCC.

The organization that accumulates the most points will be eligible to win Multicultural Community Organization of the Year at the I Heart Diversity Awards Celebration hosted by the Office of Multicultural Affairs! To inquire about your organization's points, please contact the MCC Advisor or visit the OMA office.

The organizations listed below have all reached our third point tier (3000+ points)!


Boricua Student Association

4620 MCC points


Latin American Student Association

5020 MCC points



Students of India Association

3500 MCC points


Black Student Union

3250 MCC points



Club Creole

3120 MCC points


Jamaican Alliance Movement 

3545 MCC points



African Student Association

4990 MCC points




Last updated: 2/13/2018