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Ask Ima Bull


My student will be starting USF in the Fall and she has heard about CampU.  What is CampU and why is it beneficial to my student? Is there a cost for my student to attend?

CampU is a 3-day, 2-night, off-campus experience for first-year students. During CampU, your student will build strong bonds with peers, learn USF traditions, and explore personal strengths. CampU is filled with fun, interactive activities to help students connect with other new Bulls. Students will be assigned to a small team that will be led by a current USF student. Your student can be part of an elite group of first-year students who experience the tradition by registering for CampU beginning May 1, 2014. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited space is available, so students should not delay! Until registration opens, we invite students to check out our CampU video and photos.

There is a small registration fee to attend CampU. $150 covers the entire CampU experience. To ensure we can offer the lowest price possible, we can only accept registration with payment. Students will not be able to reserve a spot until payment is received. Please note that this a non-refundable fee. Click here for a list of what the registration fee includes. If your student would like to attend, but find the cost prohibitive, please encourage her to consider applying for financial assistance. Through the generosity of alumni, the USF Alumni Association has a limited number of financial assistance opportunities available to students attending CampU. For more information on how to apply, please visit the USF Alumni Association website.

New Bulls LOVED CampU 2013 -- click here to see what they had to say about experiencing this USF tradition!  For more information, visit the CampU website.  Encourage your student to fill out the Pre-Registration Interest Survey here to receive updated information and to be notified when registration opens on May 1st!  If you have additional questions, or cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact Nick Cubita at or 813-974-0934.

NOTE: Students who are interested in participating in Bull Haul with Housing and Residential Education are encouraged to apply! Any student who is registered for CampU 2014 will be guaranteed a spot as a member of the Bull Haul 2014 team. Please click here for more information regarding the Bull Haul registration process.

This semester is flying past and my student is already worried about exams. What is the best way for me to support him/her?

Remain encouraging with motivational messages.  Get creative by sending a text, a picture, a card, an email, or a Facebook post.  Positive reinforcement will get you farther than pressured reminders.  A simple "You got this!" and "I'm proud of you!" makes a big difference. Understand that finals week may not be the time for long conversations, don't get offended if they don't reach out as often as usual. If advice is asked for, you can:

Many extra resources to improve studying and decrease stress are offered close to finals week.  Suggest your student check out the special support provided in the Marshall Student Center or through the Counseling Center.

I've always been the one taking care of my students medical care.  Now that they are at USF, where can they go if they aren't feeling well?

Student Health Services is your student's on campus medical clinic. Our physicians are here to answer the call, so you do not need to worry. All of the SHS medical staff are licensed and appropriately trained to work with college age adults. 

There are some pretty cool reasons your student should get to know Student Health Services:

Help them realize they need to be responsible for managing their own lives. If your student does call you when they are feeling sick you can feel a sense of ease when suggesting they call for an appointment at Student Health Services. Even though Dr. Mom will never really retire, it is good to know that your student has great medical care right on campus.

For more information, contact Student Health services at (813) 974-2331 or visit

I'm worried that my student is not involved in campus life. When I ask him/her about their involvement they say there is nothing to do.  What are some good options for them to become more involved?

With over 600 student organizations on campus, there is always something to do. USF is dedicated to offering a robust campus life for our students. Encourage your student to attend events to have fun, make memories, and explore their interests. Even better, recommend they choose upcoming lecturers, plan community service projects, or coordinate social activities by joining one of the programming committees. Suggest they visit New Student Connections to find out ways to become involved. From Campus Recreation activities such as backpacking trips to community involvement through the Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement to Bulls Nite Out hosted by the Center for Student Involvement, the opportunities are limitless. Remind them to check-out the online list of campus organizations.  Learn more.

I am worried that my student doesn't take care of themselves at college. Does USF educate the students on wellness and being proactive with their health?

Here at USF, the health and well-being of our students is a priority.  Encourage your student to visit the Wellness Center in the Marshall Student Center (Room 1504). The Wellness Center is their "One-Stop Shop to Well-Being."  At the Wellness Center, they can meet with a registered dietitian, get a blood pressure screening, check their height, weight and BMI, and gather information on a variety of health and wellness topics.  The goal is to help the student adopt a balanced lifestyle. The Wellness Center can help connect the student with professionals who support different aspects of their well-being by putting them in touch with members of the Counseling Center, Student Health Services, Campus Recreation, and the Center for Victim Advocacy and Violence Prevention. Learn more.

The holidays are approaching and I am excited about my student coming home. I want to spend lots of time with him but I also want to respect his independence. What is the best way to balance the two?

Coming home for their first big holiday after being away at school is very exciting and a bit daunting for the student and the family.  You want to spend all your time with them and they want to see high school friends, sleep and relax.  As you are getting ready for the holidays, talk to your student about plans you have in mind, family activities and the students plans. Let them know some things you would really like to see happen and respect the ideas they have and the plans they might have made.  Keep the lines of communication open! That's the best plan for everything.

I've heard a lot about Fall Family Weekend. What is Fall Family Weekend and what is there to do?

Fall Family Weekend is a great opportunity for you to make a return visit to the campus, probably your first visit since your student started the fall semester.  Your student has been in school for about a month-to-six weeks, and they are ready to show their campus off to you.  The weekend showcases USF with events such as canoeing and ropes course at River Front Park; a FantaBULLuous showcase of campus offices; a Book Chat with Janet Moore, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Karla Davis-Salazar, Undergraduate Studies; Family Karaoke; a Family Tailgate before the USF vs. Miami football game; breakout sessions on Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Health Services and the University Experience; plus much, much more.  You can choose to participate in as many or as few activities as you would like.  For more information about Fall Family Weekend, click here.

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