Events for Families - FAQs

How many events for families are held each year? The number of events varies each year but we typically hold a Fall and Spring event while offering information about campus events throughout the year families would enjoy.

Can families stay in on-campus housing when they come for an event? Families cannot stay in on-campus housing when attending events. You can find a listing of local accommodations here.

Who can come to family events? Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends...everyone is welcome.

Do family members have to pay to attend family events? Family events are all self-supporting events. The registration fee covers administrative costs, registration materials, parking permits, access to most family weekend events, T-shirts and other expenses related to the different activities. We try to keep the out-of-pocket costs as low as possible for the families.

Do only the families of first-year students attend Fall Family Weekend? While a large number of attendees at Fall Family Weekend are the families of first-year students, we find that our families come back to Family Weekend year after year. Families find new activities to participate in each year. All students are encouraged to invite their families.

Do I need to buy my student tickets to Family Weekend events? USF students DO NOT need to pay the registration costs for family events, however you will need to include them when you register. Some events do require tickets for everyone, including the student. Examples are canoeing and the ropes course.

What kinds of activities do you offer at Fall Family Weekend? Come prepared to have Fun! Some past activities have included: a Meet & Greet with campus dignitaries; Family Karaoke and the Family Game Show; canoeing at River Front Park; and breakout sessions with key departments and lectures. New activities are added each year.

I want to attend some events but can't attend them all. What do I do? We understand that everyone can't be at every event.  When it's time to register for Family Weekend, you will be offered the choice of many different activities at various times throughout the weekend.

Where can I get my USF Bulls gear?  The USF Bookstore is your best resource for Bulls gear. Visit the Bookstore

Who do I contact if I have questions? Contact Keri Riegler, Director, New Student Connections at (813) 974-2896 or at with any questions or concerns.