USF Student Government Advising, Training, & Operations (SGATO) works hand-in-hand with Student Government to ensure that students are provided with an amazing university experience and countless opportunities to better themselves. Use the menu bar to the left and below in order to learn more about the resources offered through SGATO, SG, and the University of South Florida.

Campus Employment Opportunities

For students looking to hone their passion and make some extra money while attending USF, there are many job opportunities conveniently located on campus. Each term, Student Government posts positions through the careers@USF website. Search using keywords "Student Government" to learn more about currently open SG positions and apply to those that interest you.

Student Involvement at USF

SGATO aligns with USF's Student Affairs. Student Affairs is focused on providing opportunities for students to get involved with organizations and programs on campus to connect with new friends, gain new skills, and have interesting experiences. In order to learn more about student organizations and programs, check out BullSync where opportunities are updated daily.

Applying for a Job in SG?

If you have applied or are going to apply to a job in SG, you must fill out a Student Record Waiver and Acknowledgement of Status of Student Government Records and Privacy Rights for USF Student Government Officers, Appointees, Employees and Volunteers. You can find the Waiver by following the navigation on the left.