JuSenEx Information

The JuSenEx Committee is comprised of the top two leadership members from each branch of Student Government: Judicial, Legislative, and Executive.  This committee meets on a bi-weekly basis and is directly advised by the SGATO Director, Gary Manka.  Members of JuSenEx and the meeting times are listed below.  If you have any questions regarding this committee, or would like to add discussion/agenda items to the JuSenEx agenda, please reach out to any of the student leaders listed.


Meeting Schedule

July 14, 2017



JuSenEx Members

Milton Llinas photo

Milton Llinas
Chief Justice

Senior Justice photo

Chelsea Lo
Senior Justice

Senate President photo

Aladdin Hiba
Senate President

Senate President Pro Tempore photo

Jessica Vanek
Senate President Pro Tempore

Student Body President photo

Christopher Griffin
Student Body President

Student Body Vice President photo

Alec Waid
Student Body Vice President