Out of State Fee Waiver

The University of South Florida is proud to offer a waiver of Out of State fees to Active Duty service members, Veterans, and Veteran Dependents who meet specific requirements as delineated in USF Regulation USF4.0108, Board of Governors Regulation Chapter 7.008, and Florida Statute Title XLVII, Chapter 1009.26.

Those individuals eligible to apply for the waiver include: Active Duty students not currently stationed in the state of Florida, Veterans, Reservists, Florida Guard, and other individuals currently using VA Education Benefits.

We have developed an electronic request form to help streamline the waiver request process. It is your responsibility to answer all questions truthfully, and to provide the appropriate supporting documentation.

You should be prepared to upload .pdf versions of the requested supporting documents at the time of your submission. Please use the following list as a guide to identify which documents you will need.

Active Duty Claimants:
-Copy of current military orders
-SCRA certificate from the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Website 

Veteran Claimants:
-DD Form 214 (Member 4 Copy with characterization of service)
-Proof of Florida residency for the term being requested*

Claimants using VA education benefits that do not fall into the previous two categories:

Chapters 31 and 33:
-Proof of Florida Residency for the term being requested*

Chapter 35:
-Certificate from VA identifying award amount and the period for which the award is approved. This form is typically the VA Form 20-8992
-Proof of Florida Residency for the term being requested*

*Proof of Florida residency can be proven with one of the following Florida residency documents:
-Current Florida driver license
-Current Florida vehicle registration
-Current Florida Voter's registration
-Proof of Florida homestead exemption
-Proof of permanent employment in Florida (Letter on company letterhead stating that the claimant is currently employed and working at least 20 hours per week during the semester for which the request is being made)
-A declaration of domicile in Florida
-Current proof of water, electric, or natural gas bill
-Proof of a current lease agreement in Florida
A waiver must be submitted for every semester which a student needs a waiver.

After you have gathered all of your documents, and you are ready to begin, please click on this link to submit your Out of State Fee Waiver

You will only receive correspondence from this office about your waiver if additional information is needed to process your waiver.  Otherwise, we will process your waiver in a timely manner.

If you have any questions regarding your out of state fee waiver, please contact Brad at