Apply for Benefits

Clockworks Benefit Request


How to apply for VA Education Benefits using the Clockworks system:

These are step by step instructions. It may seem like a lot of work, but it is very simple. The instructions are just written out to avoid any confusion.

1. Click on the following link to apply for your VA Education Benefits: CLOCKWORKS, or go to the following website:

2. Click on the BENEFIT APPLICATION Link

3. Type in your USF Net ID and Password. This is the same username/password as your Oasis username/password.

4. Click on the BENEFIT APPLICATION Link again. This will take you to the Veterans Application Process Status page.

5. The Veterans Application Process Status page is completed by completing each section from top to bottom. You will not be able to proceed to the next section until you complete everything that the form is asking for in that individual section. You have to complete all 5 sections before you are considered finished. Once you are finished, an email will be sent to your USF student email address stating that you have completed your portion of the application process. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL, PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE.  IT MEANS THAT YOUR SUBMISSION POSSIBLY DID NOT GO THROUGH.  Here is the walkthrough to complete each individual section.

6.  You are finished! You should be able to open your USF email and see a confirmation email that was sent by the VA Benefit Request Program. If you didn't, please contact us to ensure we received it. The process may have been slow this time around, but we hope that the following semesters will be extremely quick for you. Thank you!