Veterans Employment Project

The Veterans Employment Project (VEP) is a new initiative by the Office of
Veterans Services. Its main goal is to prepare studentEmployment Project veterans to compete for employment in the civilian job market and provide them with avenues that lead to job or internship placement. The program has two main components: Program of Instruction and Pathway to Employment. Our student veterans and our employer partners will find benefits from participating in this program.

In collaboration with local Tampa Bay employers, the VEP Program of Instruction teaches student veterans critical skills needed for a successful job search, including those related to:

• Selecting a career
• Job search strategies
• Networking
• Interview Training
• Resume Preparation

Russ Barnes, an Air Force Colonel, Retired, helped to develop this program from the ground up.  Please watch this video to learn more about the program and see how veterans will find employment.


In addition to the Program of Instruction, our office has also partnered with local employers to build a Pathway to Employment. Through information sessions, job fairs, and networking functions in the local community, this pathway is designed to provide you with opportunities to meet with representatives from military-friendly companies and professionals from various career fields, as well as learn about educational opportunities the university has to offer.


While the primary focus of the VEP is to assist student veterans, participating employers can also benefit. By increasing the student veteran's ability to market their skills, they become more visible and attractive to potential employers, providing a pool of talented military veterans that have the training and education to be high performance individuals within the employers' organizations.

If you have questions on how to participate with the project, please contact Kyle Graveson at 813-974-6727.