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Double Major/Dual Degree

Students may elect to graduate with two majors or two baccalaureate degrees to meet their educational goals. Double majors and dual degrees can be from the same or different colleges. Typically, students are encouraged to complete one baccalaureate degree with options of enriching it with internships, study abroad, research, and other enrichment activities. When appropriate, students can progress on to earn a graduate degree toward their specific career goals. However, in cases where a double major or dual degree will enhance a student's development the university will review the request and make a decision as to the appropriateness of the double major or dual degree to the student's educational and career goals and to the extent the request is within Degree Progression and Completion policy 10-505.

Degree Progression and Completion policy requires double majors and dual degrees be completed within no more than two additional semesters (10 semesters total) from a student's original projected graduation date or within the ECHS threshold for double majors or dual degrees. The excess threshold for the double major and dual degrees are based on the threshold for the first major or degree plus 30 hours. Students approved for double majors or dual degrees will be charged the Excess Hours Surcharge required by the State at the threshold of the completed major if they do not complete the second major or degree.

Dual degrees require 150 hours minimum for completion.

Further considerations for approving the request for double majors and dual degrees will include but not be limited to:

  1. student's progression ratio, taking into consideration number of withdrawals and non-applicable coursework
  2. student's GPA, taking into consideration the GPA required for the intended majors
  3. evidence of success in coursework leading to preparation for the major, including prerequisites, core requirements, or other preparatory courses
  4. students having successfully completed at least one semester at USF but before they have earned 96 credit hours

Double Majors

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Dual Degrees

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