General Education Council

FKL Assessment

Direction for Assessment of the FKL Core Curriculum is a major responsibility of the General Education Council. The on-going assessment of General Education continues with an emphasis on writing and thinking skills, intellectual development, general education dimensions, and liberal arts mathematics. Essays, questionnaires, short writing assignments, common finals, and standardized examinations are methods used to assess these student outcomes.

During the first phase of the development of the assessment plan, specific student outcomes were developed in collaboration with faculty from each of the general education core areas. Subsequently, decisions regarding the type of methodology for assessing the student outcomes, such as standardized examinations, common examinations, or course-embedded projects or test items, were made. If methods other than standardized exams were selected, scoring rubrics were developed with the team of faculty from the appropriate core areas. These same teams assisted in pilot testing the assessment of student outcomes. Faculty teaching the general education courses identify the learning outcomes relevant to the proposed/revised courses. Further, they select the assessment approach utilized in their courses from the assessment approaches identified by the faculty team and assess student achievement of the outcomes during the term.

Faculty and TA participation from each of the core areas, critical to the success of this program, are included in all phases of the planning and implementation of the assessment. Throughout, feedback from students and faculty is actively sought to refine the assessment process. The General Education Council helps to determine how to aggregate assessment and direct action based upon assessment results.