Gen Ed Revision

Guiding Principles & Goal

Guiding Principles

The state requires all general education programs be 36 credits. Of those, 15 must be taken from the state approved 23 courses and an additional 3 must be in quantitative reasoning. This leaves 18 credits for USF to control (with the requirement that 6 of those credits have multiple writing assignments and 3 be in English). In designing those remaining 18 hours, we are putting student needs first, allowing for broader departmental participation in the general education curriculum, remaining closely connected to our QEP, and focusing on key learning outcomes.

The Goal

Recognizing there is no perfect plan, we are aiming to develop a skill-based curriculum that receives campus-wide buy-in. We are aiming for broad participation in a general education program that is rigorous, focused on key learning outcomes, and engaging for students.