Bachelor of General Studies

Public Administration

24 credit hours are required for this concentration.

Required Courses

PAD 3003 Intro to Public Administration
PAD 4204 Public Financial Admin.
PAD 4415 Personnel & Supervision
PAD 4712 Managing Information Resources in the Public Sector
PAD 4144 Nonprofit Organizations and Public Policy

Concentration Electives (Minimum 6 hours)

PAD 4930 Selected Topics in Public Administration
PAD 5XXX Any 5000 level course with PAD prefix
POS 3182 Florida Politics & Government
URP 4050 City Planning and Community Development
URS 3002 Introduction to Urban Studies

College Exit Requirement

IDS 4934 Senior Capstone for BSAS/BGS
This course is the required capstone course for all BGS concentrations.