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Recruiting Students for your Research Project

The Office for Undergraduate Research (OUR ) hosts several Undergraduate Research Seminars each semester. Students who attend a seminar receive information  regarding how to prepare for and successfully obtain a research opportunity. Seminar attendees are added to the OUR Undergraduate Research Canvas organization and have access to the current list (not comprehensive) of research opportunities around campus. The OUR will advertise your research position on our Canvas site. A primary advantage to advertising your position on our site is that that all students who apply for your position have been through OUR training and are thus knowledgeable about the responsibilities and expectations associated with participating in undergraduate research. Another major advantage is that the OUR assists with a large portion of the administrative tasks associated with locating qualified students for a position.

How the Recruitment Process Works

*The OUR advertises your position on the Undergraduate Research Canvas organization.
*The OUR receives and processes applications and screens all applicants.
*Once applications are reviewed by the OUR, which includes a transcript review and a review of required application materials, the OUR forwards applications to you for your review.
* If the applicant meets your criteria you contact the student directly for an interview.
* Once a student is selected we can assist the student with registering for a 0-credit research course.

The OUR requests that positions advertised through the OUR meet the following 3 Criteria:

1. Enable individual students or groups of students to pose or work from a defined research question.
2. Apply methods of inquiry to generate findings
3. Share the findings with others through presentation and/or publication (annual OUR Undergraduate Research Conference)

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We look forward to working with you to recruit students for your position!