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Office of Military Partnerships

The Office of Military Partnerships assists in coordinating USF's activities with the Department of Defense to include US Central Command, Special Operations Command, and MacDill Air Force Base. Led by Lieutenant General Martin Steele, US Marine Corps (Ret), this office also works with members of Congress from Florida and the Veterans Administration.

The Office of Military Partnerships assists USF faculty and students through guest lectures, presentations and network connections. Additionally General Steele is focused on community outreach with a local, national and international scope.

Projects and Partnerships
On October 21, 2011, USF signed a collaboration agreement with United States Central Command (USCENTCOM). Under this agreement USF and CENTCOM will continue to share resources and knowledge to develop joint research, education and training, as well as new mutually beneficial projects.

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USF Office of Research & Innovation
General Steele also serves as Associate Vice President for Veterans Research under the Office of Research & Innovation. General Steele co-chairs USF's Veterans Reintegration & Resilience Initiative, which is focused on identifying research collaborations and funding opportunities in support of our military veterans. Find out more by visiting the Veterans Reintegration & Resilience web site.

Contact Information
Lt Gen Martin Steele USMC (Ret)
Military Partnerships

Phone: 813-974-4826

Eddie Aikins
Administrative Specialist

Phone: 813-974-3724