New Student and Parent Toolkit



As excited as we are to welcome you to into the Bulls family, we understand that this is a time of uncertainty for you and your family. You likely have many questions about how USF is managing this public health emergency, and what it means for you.

While the current situation makes it difficult for us to predict the coming weeks, rest assured that we are working hard to ensure that you have a great first semester at USF. In the meantime, we have developed this New Student Toolkit to help you and your family.

And remember: You can complete required tasks with myBullsPath, our student on-boarding portal. Simply login to myBullsPath to see a personalized list of tasks, with helpful instructions and links that make it easy for you to take your next step.



Campus Visits


Financial Aid / Student Financial Services


International Student Services




Housing & Residental Education




Student Health Services


New Student Connections


Parent and Family Programs


Academic Advising




Student Catalogs


Student Checklist


IT Resources