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Space Impact Request Process

The Space Impact Request process allows departments to request authorization to proceed with modification to university space. Typically, this process is used for:

  • Adding/modifying signage
  • Renovating/remodeling space (excludes routine maintenance)
  • Adding temporary space (e.g. trailers)
  • Locating aesthetic items (e.g. sculptures, trees, banners, etc.)
  • Adding walls and or cubicles (includes cubicle repairs and or reconfigurations)

Facilities Management coordinates this process; however, it is not the authorizer for the final approval/disapproval. If you are a requestor and not the contact person for the actual project, please include the required information of the individual that the Project Manager will be working with in the designated Project Contact box.

A Space Impact Request form (PDF) should be used by departments to initiate this process. A Facilities Management representative will utilize FAMIS to generate a Request ID on behalf of the requestor. FAMIS will be used to gather feedback from relevant stakeholder via FAMIS. The requestor can track the status of the approval by reviewing the created request in FAMIS. The Requestor and Project Contact will then be advised of the decision.

In order for a Space Impact Form to be processed, it must be signed by an authorized approver. You can find the designee appointment forms below.

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