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STEM Academy

Welcome to STEM Academy

The University of South Florida/Howard Hughes Medical Institute (USF-HHMI) STEM Academy is a week-long enrichment program for new incoming first-year students who are pursuing biology, biomedical sciences, chemistry, physics, geology or mathematics, majors and will be entering into the pre-calculus math courses.

USF-HHMI STEM Academy provides an interactive introduction to one of the most exciting periods of a student's life – freshman year.

The STEM Video is now featured on the USF YOUTUBE channel. Check us out here!


STEM Academy applications will be reviewed and provisional acceptances issued on a rolling basis. Formal acceptance to the STEM Academy will be made once a deposit is paid to secure USF admission. The 2019 STEM Academy class will be capped at 240 Scholars and is expected to be filled quickly.