STEM Academy LLC

What is it?
The STEM Living Learning Community (LLC) is a stimulating living learning environment that was created to meet the needs of incoming first-year STEM Academy Scholars interested in various science, technology, engineering, and math areas. The goals of the STEM LLC are to assist Scholars in achieving academic and personal success, fostering university and STEM field retention, and also supporting the expansion of the nation's STEM workforce by equipping graduates to assume positions in industry, the academy, and beyond.  The STEM LLC is open to all Scholars who participated in the USF-HHMI STEM Academy program.

Stem Scholars network with Dean Eric Eisenberg.

STEM Academy Scholars engage and network with Dean Eric Eisenberg at the "Dinner with the Dean" event.

Where is the LLC and how many Scholars are involved?
The STEM Academy LLC will be housed in the Cypress B residence. For 2017, the STEM LLC will be capped at 80 Scholars. Applicants must request the STEM LLC when completing the STEM Academy application AND ALSO MUST APPLY FOR THE STEM LLC THROUGH THE OFFICIAL USF HOUSING APPLICATION.

STEM Scholars enjoying fresh baked chocolate chip cookies

STEM Academy Scholars enjoy fresh baked cookies after "The Science of Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking" session.

What to expect?
STEM LLC Scholars will have access to out-of-class activities designed help engage them in the learning process and further develop a sense of community with their peers, graduate students and STEM faculty. Older students in the same area of interest will serve as peer mentors for each group and this will provide a unique student perspective as the Scholars transition to college. This LLC is a great option for Scholars interested in confronting many of the complex, global problems facing us today such as: emerging diseases, energy sustainability, and climate change. Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) will play a crucial role to address these and other problems. Scholars in the STEM LLC have the opportunity to take advantage of early opportunities for starting their undergraduate research. The vision is that living in the STEM Academy LLC will be a great way for Scholars to continue the connections they established during the STEM Academy program and also build additional connections with experienced undergraduates, faculty and staff.  Participating in the STEM LLC will assist Scholars in navigating challenging first-year courses, making life-long friendships helping explore opportunities around research and connecting to career opportunities.

Stem Scholars at the finish line of the Tampa Bay Heart Walk.

STEM Academy Scholars and partners at the Tampa Bay Heart Walk. One of the largest groups from USF to walk.

What will you do?
Some of the activities and events Scholars could be involved in as part of the STEM LLC include:


STEM Scholars take a tour of the Yuengling Brewery.

STEM Academy Scholars prepare for tour of the Yuengling brewery to learn about the science of brewing and production.


STEM Academy Scholars enjoy cookie decorating party

STEM Academy Scholars enjoy cookie decorating party.