Potential Students

USF STEM Students

You love math, you love science or both. Perhaps you've looked forward to the day when you could be in an environment where you were surrounded by people who feel the same way and have similar aspirations. The STEM Academy is that place.

Through teaching and mentoring, graduate student mentors and undergraduate peers who have navigated USF for a number of years the STEM Academy will provide you with the jump-start you need. You will also get personal attention form the STEM Academy staff and accomplished professors in their fields. All during the program you will engage with fellow students who are ready to join you in the adventure of your lives. Everyone at STEM Academy is focused on your success.

The STEM Academy is an intensive program that requires active student participation! It runs from 9:00am - 9:30pm each day, so Scholars must be highly motivated. These are not boring lectures either. They are engaged and active sessions where you will often work in teams to solve problems. You will also have to write and journal your progress and provide oral reflections to the group to stimulate discussion. If you don't want to engage, then this is not the program for you.

A major advantage to participating in the STEM Academy is that it allows you to come in and try out some of the curriculum and determine how best to approach your studies before its counts for grades. You will develop and work from plans and outlines to best assure your academic and career readiness.  All STEM Academy Scholars are enrolled in an online Canvas organization to facilitate communication and access to resources so that they remain connected after the 5.5 day STEM Program. All STEM Academy Scholars also have opportunities to come together during the Fall/Spring semesters for various events.

Scholars who apply and are accepted into the STEM Academy Living Learning Community will be housed together in the Cypress residence hall and receive additional programming during the Fall/Spring semesters.