What Scholars Are Saying


Jeff's Group 

 Here is what a few of the 2015 and 2016 STEM Academy Scholars had to say about their experience:

"This program helped me in ways that I didn't even foresee. Obviously I had no way of truly knowing what to expect of my classes before they started, but I've frequently found myself feeling more confident in my courses because of the background knowledge that the STEM Academy has given me. For example, the little things like math exercises and the Excel workshop have already proven helpful to me in my first week of classes." Integrative Biology Major

"It is a great way to make connections that last even after STEM Academy is over." Biomedical Sciences Major

"I thought that it exceeded its goals and the expectations placed on it. It effectively taught many principles that are useful in navigating undergraduate education, extracurricular activities and life." Chemistry Major

"It feels like I know more about the science community, and I feel confident in my ability to take part in research experiences." Biomedical Sciences Major

"The STEM Academy was a perfect introduction to research and science professions. I would 100% recommend everyone to take it!" Biomedical Science Major

"The program changed my perspective on universities, professors and research." Cellular Biology Major

"The STEM Academy was a great way to meet fellow undergrads and begin to understand more about what USF has to offer." Biomedical Science Major

"I would definitely recommend this program to a friend. I feel that it has helped me to discover my passion and prepare for what is to come. It has definitely given me a leg up." Chemistry Major

"The STEM Academy really does open up a lot of unknown information not only about STEM and research but about following your dreams in general." Biomedical Science Major

"This program enhances the skills need to be successful in a STEM profession." Integrated Animal Biology Major

"I have met so may great people! What a great experience and I am now jazzed to start classes with a major advantage." Cellular Biology Major

"I would recommend this program to all freshman! I learned so much and feel more informed about what I need to do to be successful." Physics Major

"I would absolutely recommend this program and look forward to serving a peer mentor next year. It provided good information on research and opportunities. It also helped me make friends." Biomedical Science Major

"This program is an eye-opener for sure. It allows you to visualize and see the fields of STEM, not just talk about." Biomedical Science Major

"Its intense! At first I was unsure I could do it, but with all the support from Dr. Pollenz and the graduate mentors I did it! Everyone should take the challenge as you will be better for it." Chemistry Major